Final autumn. Translation of the famous song to my friends.

Posted on 14.09.2011


There’s neither line, nor sight in final autumn,

Final songs fell off in summer,

Like a farewell bonfire, the epoch is burning down,

And we are observing shadows and light

In this final autumn…

A hungry tempest swallowed  in jest,

Everything, that was suffocating us at dusty night,

Everything, that was crushing, playing, twinkling —

It all was torn to shreds by the aspen wind

In this final autumn…

Ah, Aleksandr Sergeevich, darling,

Why did you tell us nothing

About how you breathed, searched, loved,

About what did you know in this final autumn

In this final autumn…

Hungry sea swallowed hissing the autumn sun,

And beyond clouds

You’ll never recall everything, that was here

And you won’t touch a dusty grass

In this final autumn…

Poets depart in final autumn

And they do not return, shutters boarded up,

But rains and frozen summer stayed,

Love and revived stones stayed —

In this final autumn…

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